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By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 26, 2022 Microservices are a type of architecture used by many companies for software development. In practice, instead of making

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By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 21, 2022 A chatbot is part of the large and evolving field of artificial intelligence and is a software that

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By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 21, 2022 According to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), Cloud Computing is “a set of ICT (acronym

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By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 20, 2022 The digitisation of an increasingly interconnected world of work means that a company’s collaborators and employees now often

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CODING for kids

By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 19, 2022 Coding is the ‘ability to programme, to learn the writing of a computer code for the composition of

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By Carlo Caloisi – Sep 19, 2022 A hologram (a noun composed of two Greek words, ‘holos’ meaning ‘all/whole’ and ‘gramma’/’graphein’ meaning ‘writing’), invented in

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